Dental Tourism

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Dental tourism How?

The panoramic view of our patient in his country should be delivered to our doctors via e-mail. After we have examined your X-ray and after the first interview in our clinic our patients are given detailed information about all alternative treatment options, duration of treatment, procedure and cost. After our patient has approved the treatment, your appointment can be adjusted and your treatment can be started quickly.

Dental tourism is the treatment of people living abroad and having oral and dental health problems. People who can not treat in europe and United States because of their rising treatment costs, choose Turkey because of the same level of health standards, the cost is one in four and the historic structure and cultural fabric.

Özel İdealdent Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği which located in Yenişehir district in the center of Mersin, is equipped with advanced health technologies and it is a clinic suitable for dental tourism in its large and central area of 600 square meters.

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